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5 Things to Look for in a Reliable Legal Translation Company in Dubai

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Finding a reliable legal translation company in Dubai is not always easy, so how can you approach this process? There are multiple things to spot in a company to ensure that your translations are accurately conveyed. Translating languages can be tricky – especially when you add the academic legal aspect to the mix! So, what do you need to consider when finding an appropriate legal translation agency? Read on to discover more and start accurately translating your legal documents today!

  1. Check the company’s credentials

Checking the company’s credentials is essential to knowing how legitimate the translations are. Consider this: is the company accredited to offer certified legal translation by the Ministry of Justice in the United Arab Emirates? It’s critical to note that not every translation company has a Ministry of Justice Accreditation to provide sworn translation of your documents.

2. Are they qualified to do the job?

Translating your legal document doesn’t only need the relevant skills, but the translation company and respective translator’s experience also matters. You need to ensure that the company offering legal translation in the United Arab Emirates hires professional and qualified linguists to take on any task to a high standard. Perhaps look at past clients’ reviews to see how satisfied with the company’s services they are and whether the company is actually up to the job or not.

3. Do they value confidentiality?

Legal documents are filled with sensitive information, making confidentiality vital in this field. It is imperative when dealing with sensitive legal documents or financial translations. Thus, you need to look for a translation company that provides a highly confidential translation process for your legal documentation. Communication is critical with this one – ask how you want your content to be delivered, what type of format you want, and if the company will sign a non-disclosure agreement. Signing an NDA will take your security one step further and help put your mind at ease when using a new translation company.

4. Do they guarantee accuracy?

Accuracy is particularly essential when working with sensitive legal documents or financial translations. Ensure that the company you are looking into has Quality Assurance procedures to make the translation the best it can possibly be.

5. Do they offer a reasonable cost for their professional services?

Customers should never shy away from the price of a service. This is especially critical if you are budgeting but still want to access quality – does the company offer good value for money? Moreover, look into if they can provide quick turnaround times for urgent documents, which may help you decide which company to opt for.

Hopefully, you now have enough information on how you should choose the right legal translation company for you. For expertise, check out 365 Translations to discover how you can break language barriers efficiently and accurately today!

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