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How Quality Assurance Helps Deliver a High-End Translation for your Business Marketing Needs

How do you rest assured that translations carried out by your translation agency are good enough to be published and read by your potential clients?

When you search for professional translation services in Dubai, you’re sure to find services like 365 Translations, which provide quality assurance in every delivery. Read on to discover the key features of quality assurance and how they help deliver the high-end translations you’re looking for.

A translator who understands your needs

Choose a translator who understands your service or product to ensure you are handed back a high-quality translation. While translation companies screen their linguists, assuring they can tackle a range of projects, it’s worth checking certain features. The translator must be an expert in the subject matter at hand, be a native speaker of the language for your translation, and verify your translated content so that it reads well.

The translation process

It’s worth learning about the entire translation process before signing up for a service. The process is frequently followed by a bilingual proofreading, allowing a fresh pair of eyes to revise the translated content. The inclusion of this step is a good sign since it checks that everything is translated adequately and that the text is free from errors – in terms of the language and the written quality. If the revised text is modified, the translator will then acknowledge the changes. All these steps ensure that the process produces high-quality translations for each client.

Extra checks

Project managers should also check your translated content. Verification involves checking if all the documents or files assigned are gathered after translation and additional revision. Your translation is double-checked for potential faults through spellchecks and automatic Quality Assurance checks powered by translation software, where this is applicable. If a linguist questions the translation, the project manager ensures that all questions have been resolved, and the translation team confirms that they have recognised and implemented any necessary modifications.

Technology is incorporated into the project

Computer Assisted Translation tools can be an important aide to use on your translation where this is applicable. These tools save cash on translation and can shorten the length of the project turnaround. With translation software, content can be divided into segments and stored within a Translation Memory database. This helps with consistency, correct terminology, and overall efficiency regarding your project.

How 365 Translations can help you

If you are looking for quality marketing translations in Dubai, such as e-Commerce – or any other type of translation, for that matter – get in touch with our translation agency to discuss how we can help out your organization with high-end translations. We are eager to offer a superior service to all our corporate and individual clients, ensuring quality standards through employing only qualified translators and proofreaders who are experts in their fields.

Professional guidelines are strictly followed, and every single completed translation undergoes a rigorous quality check before being returned to each client. So, for complete confidence that you will receive complete quality, find out more and visit 365 Translations’ website by clicking here today!

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