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5 Ways in which CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) Tools Help Produce a High-Quality Translation

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Have you ever considered website translation in Dubai? Don’t pass up the opportunity of collaborating with an experienced translation company with your best interests at heart. By using CAT tools, Three Sixty-Five Translations UAE works to provide flawless translations for customers across the globe.

You may have heard about CAT tools, but how much do you actually know about them? Read on to educate yourself on what these types of tools are all about and how they can aid us in the production of high-quality translation.

So, what do we know about CAT tools already?

CAT tools, otherwise known as Computer-Assisted Translation tools, can help translators do their job more efficiently by saving valuable time, effort, and costs when it comes to translating all kinds of documents, including hefty ones. It’s important to note that CAT tools differ from machine translation platforms such as Google Translation because they involve the hard work of real translators. This means they rely mainly on qualified human translators.

Read on to discover the features and quality checks which make CAT tools incredibly convenient for checking the accuracy and quality of countless translations!

1. Translation Memory

Translation Memory, shortened to TM in translator jargon, is utilized, helping ensure terminological consistency. This feature is especially crucial for precise translations involving technical or legal terminology. Furthermore, this quality check allows for consistency even when multiple translators are simultaneously working on one big project, which not only preserves accuracy but also allows the job to be completed faster! Thus, if you have a large volume of text which needs translating, this feature may appeal to you.

2. Automatic number checks

These tools automatically check numbers, which is handy when translating documents such as contracts, financial statements, and technical specifications. This means that even with the most important documents, you can adopt the peace of mind that the work has been translated correctly.

3. Consistent formatting

Thirdly, CAT tools work to keep the formatting of documents consistent across the original and translated versions. After all, aesthetic appeal plays a vital role in the translation’s overall appeal.

4. Efficient proofreading

CAT tools make it easier to proofread a document’s segments when the original text is displayed beside the translation. Thus, the tools make the proofreading and editing process more efficient, saving you considerable time and effort in the long run.

5. Efficient timing

There’s no doubt that utilizing CAT tools can save you extensive amounts of time. By using Translation Memory, repeated segments within the document are automatically translated with minimum input. This is relatively impactful when it comes to tackling extensive documents, especially those containing large volumes of text that have many repetitions. For example, this may concern E-commerce translation. E-commerce translation in Dubai is often used to create crafty content to appeal to customers across the globe and reach larger audiences.

Do you want the job done quickly and efficiently? If these features and advantages seem appealing to you, it might be worth checking out translation services in Dubai. Contact Three Sixty-Five Translations UAE to discover how we can provide the translation and localization solutions you require for your organization today.

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