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Media Translations

Media Translation

Three Sixty-Five Translations can assist you with reaching your global audience in their local language, thus enhancing your organization’s digital presence in the MENA Region and globally.

Hence, we not only provide translation for your brand's content, but ensure that it is fully appropriate and understood by your target audience, by taking into account local linguistic and cultural nuances.

We support a wide range of industries in the Media and Editorial sector in the MENA region and beyond. 

Our services include: 

Editorial Translation: 

  • Magazines, newspapers, and journals; 

  • Book translation and editing. 

Digital Media translation: 

  • Multilingual social media;

  • Multilingual video subtitling;

  • User interface translation.

Marketing Translations: 

  • Bilingual copywriting and transcreation;

  • E-commerce platform language localization; 

  • Website translations; 

  • Company profiles and product catalogs.

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